A gripping story and striking visual style for leading casual game provider BigFish. «The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book» is a chilling puzzle game with hidden objects!

The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book

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6 months


BigFish, through its contractor EleFun Games, commissioned a new casual game project. The task was set, in the position of game designer, to develop a new and exciting story for regular and new players.


We launched the story branch and started developing textual stories. At the same time we were developing the full GDD (Game Design Document). We calculated the balance of the game. We described every screen, dialogue, and mini-game. Collected references on locations, items, animations, and mechanics. We developed documentation for artists, developers, sound designers, and other specialists.


You haven't heard from your uncle in several days. When you go to his antique store, you're accosted by someone after one of your uncle's books. What starts as a simple search for your uncle quickly takes an even darker turn as you discover his collection of odds and ends is more than just a hobby. These artifacts have special powers, and one of them has trapped your uncle! Can you rescue him from a book of nightmares before it's too late, or will you become its next victim? Find out in this chilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!


The graphics are bright, colorful, and detailed. Allows you to easily find everything you need. The voice acting with dialogues effectively immerses you in the game atmosphere. The sound is delightful. The music is orchestral.


The Collector's Edition includes 9 wallpapers, 11 concept art, 3 screensavers, 4 music soundtracks, 12 achievements, 26 item search scenes, 26 minigames, 33 hidden collectibles, 36 hidden puzzle pieces, 33 transforming objects, a built-in strategy guide, and a bonus chapter!

Together with the great team of artists and developers from EleFun Games, we did a great job on the new game series for BigFicsh. The elaborate story, graphics, mini-games, and game balance allowed us to get a good response from players.






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