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Мы используем куки-файлы, чтобы улучшить ваше восприятие нашего сайта. Вы можете увидеть, какие куки-файлы сохранены на вашем устройстве с помощью настроек куки. Просматривая наш сайт, вы соглашаетесь с использованием нами куки-файлов.

A new vibrant visual website and powerful digital platform for the leading microcredit company FINMOLL, which is rethinking the way micro-loans are disbursed in Russia.




Project name


Product, Website


6 months

«FINMOLL» client
Yaroslav Dmitriev, CEO
Hello. Our online service is outdated and needs a big modern change. We want to update the site with services to attract borrowers and make a convenient personal account for our customers.
Hello Yaroslav,
We will be happy to take on the project and prepare it taking into account all the details of your business.
* at 2020
The company has grown with services and services. The content and structure of the old site were no longer able to cope with their tasks.
Is it site navigation
or buttons?
What's going on?
Where to look?
If I read all of this, will I be able to get the money?
I need the money. Am I sure I need the news?
Is that all I can find out
about the company?
Are these services or partners?
Personal account is confusing and not logical. Built on the basis of a typical template 1C-Bitrix.
Wikipedia horizontally?
Why do I need personal information on the home page?
Is this a service or a history of my operations?
Why was I rejected?


Update your site to attract new borrowers. Create incentives for repeat borrowers.

Develop a convenient, functional and modern personal account for regular clients.

Connect a site management system to modify/add static content to the site.
Design starts with analytics. Let's figure out who's on the other side of the screen.
Young families
Taking installments and loans for planned or unforeseen expenses
Close the need for a quick payday loan
Young women
They take installment loans for shopping and loans for planned purchases
Taking out loans for unforeseen or planned expenses
Interviewing helped us gather portraits of clients. Now we understand what the client expects from the site and what he wants to get from his personal account.
Eugene and Maria, married
Novosibirsk city
Make small repairs in the apartment.
Make sure the company is stable, get a loan right away.
Oleg, 27
Yekaterinburg city
Fix a machine for work.
It's easy to get a loan, with a small interest rate to pay.
Elena, 28
single mother
Perm city
Buy baby shoes for the new season.
To make sure that there are live experiences of other people, to get confidence in the reliability of the company.
Ivan, 50
Medvedevo village
To give my grandson the gift of buying a bicycle.
Find favorable terms and get help in applying for a loan.
We compared the desired result and the problem
and found a solution:
Each new visitor to the site will apply for a loan.

Regular customers will be able to easily track their payments and make repayments.
It's not easy for a new client to navigate the site, and it's hard to get him interested in the company's offers.

Existing borrowers make little use of the personal account.
The client wants bright and well-formulated financial offers on the site.

Convenient, simple, modern interface with access to any necessary information in 2 clicks.
In order for the company's services to sell successfully, you need to identify key points that will create a favorable experience of interaction with the site and personal account
Bright and attractive offers
Intuitive ease of service
All necessary information in sight
Client porters, concept, content and functionality requirements allowed the development of information architecture and the design of the online service.
Assembled an interactive prototype of the site with the company's services
Identified 6 scenarios leading to conversion action
We have thought through the mechanics and animation for each page and each element
Developed a full interactive prototype of the entire sales site
We prepared 26 pages of thoughtful layouts
Designed an interactive prototype of a multifunctional Personal Cabinet
Developed 7 main menu directions for the user
Integrated Secure payment and recharge system
We created a multifunctional support service
We prepared 36 pages of thoughtful layouts
We developed 4 landing pages, prepared auxiliary pages, assembled online forms and calculators, developed and connected the customer support service, completely renewed the client's personal account, online payment and recharge service.

We made sure that the online service is displayed correctly on all devices.
The updated site has been given a simple clean structure and a modern technological design.

The new site meets the needs of businesses and customers.
The personal office has been improved visually and functionally.

Now it is convenient for the client to monitor the status of all contracts, as well as to use the support service on a specific issue.
We connected a unique site management system "NeCMS".

With the help of "NeCMS" the client can edit static texts, track various statistical data, set tasks for support specialists, receive reports and many other services.
Took the entire development cycle
SPA - a site without reboots
One year technical support
Framework Vue.js
Content Management System
Our specialists from the agency DINOVEON have done a tremendous amount of work. The site fully meets the goals of the customer and his clients. We are proud of this project!
Thank you very much to the team of the agency DINOVEON for the quality development, individual and boutique approach.
Yaroslav Dmitriev
CEO of Finmall
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