MIZON.ME, the official representative of the famous Korean cosmetics, aims to modernize the online shopping market. We have developed strategic positioning and visual identity for their products and created a new e-commerce platform.


Project name


Branding, Website


2 months


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only natural ingredients
proven high performance
production technologies
Customer business product
Together with the client, we defined the goals and objectives of the site
Attracting the user to the product
Make the site easy to navigate
Motivate the customer to order
Beginning research
Interviews with account managers helped us understand customer expectations, form customer groups, and create lists of requirements for site functionality and content.
Buyers of branded cosmetics - who are they?
Young wealthy girls
Businessmen's Wives
Managers in the beauty industry
What are they like?
Young, successful, wealthy
Residents of megacities
Only the best for yourself
What's important to them?
Appreciate comfort and their time
Reliability and brand safety
Improving yourself
Taking care of your beauty is pleasant and easy. Only naturalness and quality.
Now we know what to do
Identify the key principles of the project that will help us in our future processes.
Clean and attractive design
Structured catalog and product card
Easy shopping and tracking process
Moving on to building the site
We take into account client goals and user needs, forming several conversion scenarios.

We analyze the product search and selection process, as well as the final order.

We develop a personal account, making it as clear and convenient as possible.


Create a site style, choose colors, select fonts.
readable and neat
main corporate color
contoured with soft corners
What we got
Switch to any product in 1 click from any page
Popup window to quickly view product description
Colorful labels attract attention
Product rating inspires confidence
Product card
Nothing extra, except to familiarize yourself with the product and the desire to buy :)
We thought through all the stages of ordering
It took a long time to develop the order to make the process as simple and fast as possible for the client.
Personal Cabinet
In the personal cabinet you can store information about past and current orders, make a payment, keep track of favorite items in the catalog.
business hours
cups of coffee
customer managers
(none were harmed)
Разработали 4 посадочных лендинга, подготовили вспомогательные страницы, собрали онлайн-формы и калкуляторы, разработали и подключили сервис службы поддержки, полностью обновили личный кабинет клиента, сервис по онлайн-оплате и пополнения счета.

Мы позаботились о корректном отображении онлайн-сервиса на всех устройствах.
We managed to successfully implement the concept of simplicity and ease, complemented by a pleasant design and animation.

By immersing ourselves in understanding the behavior of our users, we were able to create a simple site structure, thinking through every action.
The specialists of the Internet agency DINOVEON not only fulfilled all the tasks assigned to them, but also carried out a considerable amount of work on formulating detailed recommendations. I would also like to mention the highest level of communication and readiness to answer any questions, both during the project and after its completion. Thank you for your fruitful cooperation!
Yaroslav Dmitriev,
The client was given the design of the site with all the instructions and recommendations. Further implementation and support of the project took place on the client's side.
Customer Testimonial
New website